Sharwil Avocados in Bulk

Get our extremely popular avocados in bulk ! Available in 25 lb. boxes.

A cross between Mexican and Guatemalan varieties that are the main avocados of Hawaii, their flesh is rich and nutty tasting with high oil content and an exceptionally smooth, buttery texture.


Our USDA certified Avocado fruit are medium to large sized pear-shaped with a small seed (~74% flesh), higher oil content than Hass (28% compared to 21%), and a green rough skin that is soft to the touch when ripe.

Sharwil Avocados are medium-sized pear shaped fruits characterized by their rough green skin, which stays green and does not turn black as it ripens. The avocados have smaller seeds inside and therefore produces a significantly larger amount of flesh to eat than other avocado types. Sharwil avocado trees are smaller than other cultivars, but they are consistent bearers, offering a long and heavy yielding season. Avocado fruit matures but does not ripen on the tree, so farmers can essentially store the fruit on the tree and control the yield of their harvest. Harvesting later in the season allows the avocado to yield creamier and larger fruit.

USDA Certified Production Facility: Volume up to 6,000 lbs. each month

Product Details: Medium and Big size, come in a box of 25 lbs.

Country of Origin:
State of Hawaii
United States of America

For more information, download our Sharwil Avocado details sheet here:

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