Ready to Go Coffee Pouch / Bag Coffeemaker 100% KONA Coffee – Medium Roasted – Ground

12 Pouches per Master Box

Ingredients: 100% Kona Coffee
1 oz. pouch

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Ingredients: 100% Kona coffee.

  • 1 oz. Coffee to Go Pouch. If you need your coffee with you wherever you, this is the pouch for you!
  • Roasted every Thursday of the week. Aloha Farms Hawaii offers its Medium Roasted 100% Kona “Mahina” coffee, sourced from our Co-op of Kona farms located in the Kona District on the Big Island of Hawaii. The coffee beans are then heated to a perfect medium roast that encourages the crisp flavors; of Peach, toffee, honey butter nougat with lush cacao undertones.
  • Varietals: Kona Typica, Arabica, Red Bourbon, AU, SL34.
  • Altitude: 2,753 ft.
  • Proccess: Fully Washed.
  • Mill and Processing: Gravity and Optical Sorting to Spec.
  • Dry: Sun Dried.
  • Roast: Medium Roasted

We make the most delicious coffee in Hawaii. Find out more about our coffees in our downloadable brochure:

Hawaiian Roasted Coffee information from Aloha Farms Hawaii