Raw Natural Ka’u Honey infused with 100% Kona Coffee

12 Jars per Master Box

Aloha Farms Hawaii’s very own original coffee-infused honey.

8 oz jar.

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Aloha Farms Hawaii’s very own original raw Hawaiian honey infused with 100% premium Kona coffee. The rich aromatic coffee flavor mingles with subtle tropical floral notes. It is completely hand-crafted on the slopes of Mauna Loa, and made with all natural products straight from our farm. You won’t be able to enjoy anything like this anywhere else but in Hawaii.

More about the Aloha Farms Hawaii honey

Aloha Farms Hawaii provides a wide variety in honeybee products made in the Ka‘u district on the Big Island of Hawaii. With over 265 hives and growing, we are able to produce unique single and multi-floral honey varietals, each from a single source of nectar from some of the rarest, most exotic flowers and fauna in the world. Our honeybee products are free from harmful contaminants and pesticides due to our commitment to sustainable and regenerative organic bee- keeping practices. Honey is tested for antibiotics, residue, and radioactive substances, which is certified by the ISO 17025 standard.

We produce the most delicious, healthiest, organic honey available. Learn more from our downloadable brochure:

Honey Information sheet from Aloha Farms Hawaii